About us

Our geolocation solution is one of the most developed solutions on the market, with us there are no restrictions of operator, cell phone or country. No matter where the cell phone is located, it is possible to geolocate. Our goal is to offer a reliable geolocation solution accessible to all!

It is obvious that our service is completely legal, it was one of our priorities when we chose to share our geolocation system with you. So don't hesitate any longer and use our geolocation service now!

Locate a phone!


The advantages of Fastgeolocate

In addition to a powerful geolocation system, all our customers benefit from a personal space that allows you to see on a map the position of the cell phone that has been geolocated. Your personal space is accessible from all platforms, be it cell phone, tablet or computer.

We also provide our customers with a telephone assistance service that allows you to benefit from a precious help if you encounter a problem during the geolocation of a cell phone.